Any political conversations with Sri Lanka’s Ranil about the Tamils should start from where the last peace talks ended


political negotiations under international supervisionThe last legitimate political negotiations under international supervision took place in Oslo in 2006.

Tamils know that Ranil needs to demonstrate progress with the Tamils in order ​​to win over rich countries and the IMF and save Sri Lanka from further disaster.

Any new conversation should start from where the last one ended.

A few weeks ago, the Norwegian ambassador to New Delhi expressed his country’s willingness to offer mediation to the Tamils and Sinhalese with a clear invitation.

The last negotiation was mediated by Norway. The Tamils ​​and their elected members of parliament should again seek the help of the Norwegian government to mediate formal discussions for a political settlement between the Tamils ​​and the Sinhalese.

Sri Lanka is on the brink of financial and political collapse. We the Tamils should not miss this opportunity to press for sovereignty. This kind of opportunity will not come again for the Tamils.

If Colombo-based Tamil politicians go to talk to Ranil without Norwegian or American participation, it is clear that these Tamils ​​are not genuinely interested in a political solution.

If, despite Norwegian mediation, negotiations with the Sinhalese fail, Norway and the United States will take this to a UN-monitored referendum because then it will have been proven that Sri Lanka will not agree to anything. These Colombo-based Tamil politicians know it well. But they don’t want plebiscites or Tamil sovereignty. If there is Tamil sovereignty, then Sam, Vikki, and Gajan know their political future is gone.

If Colombo-based Tamil politicians do not seek Norwegian or American mediation, Tamils ​​should work together to bring new younger Tamil politicians into Tamil politics. We all must work to defeat the parties of Sampanthan, Vigneswaran and Ponnambalam in the future.

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