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Biden Presidency is a Blessing for Tamils

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Mr. Biden has 47 years of experience in U.S. government, serving most of his time in the Senate Foreign Relations committee as Chairman and high ranking member.

In the 1990s, Bill Clinton was president. President Clinton did not want to become involved in the Bosnian genocidal war, possibly due to his lack of foreign policy experience.

It was the effort by then Senator Biden that forced Bill Clinton to intercede in the Bosnian War to stop the genocide.

The involvement of the Clinton administration led to the Dayton accord among Serbians, Bosnians ,and Croutons. Bosnia is under international oversight under the terms of the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords. Now Bosnia has 10 sovereign states known as Cantons and has had over twenty years of peace.

Biden’s influence on Bill Clinton made Clinton act in the Kosovo war. It is notable that Kosovo became an independent country as a result.

Following the Gulf War, Senator Biden also suggested that peace in Iraq can be achieved by separating the Sunnis, Kurdis, and Shias.

The future Biden administration should have five objectives in Southeast Asia:

1. Protecting the Malacca sea lane from the Chinese to allow for shipping for India, Australia, Japan and other countries in Indian and Pacific Ocean.

2. Returning the islands illegally claimed by China in the South China Sea, as this is a threat to international norms.

3. Protecting India from Chinese aggression

4. Ending the CHINESE invasion in Sri Lanka

5. Stopping the Chinese fraudulent purchase or leasing of land from poor countries in exchange for loans.

Compared to the soon-to-be former President Trump, Biden has a much more thorough knowledge of foreign policy. Biden is an educated and brave man.

He will convince everyone in the world to implement the U.S. policy.

Moreover, under Biden presidency, the U.S. will again be an active part of the UNHRC, which will help theTamils to prosecute the Sri Lankan war criminals.

We, as Tamil Diaspora and the Tamils from Sri Lanka, should unite in a policy that we want the U.S. to implement in Sri Lanka.

We think federalism will not protect the Tamils from Sinhalese violence on the Tamils. Any federalism can be dissolved by a 67% majority of the Sinhalese at any time.

Only a secured and protected homeland will protect the Tamils from Sinhalese violence. The only secure political solution short of independence would be the separation entailed by a confederation. So, we all should ask the Biden administration for confederation or even separation.

The best way to approach this would be through a referendum.

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