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CM Stalin Should Persuade PM Modi to Cooperate with the U.S. to Restore the Tamils’ Sovereignty and Remove the Chinese Presence from the Island

Link: https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/559486778/cm-stalin-should-persuade-pm-modi-to-cooperate-with-the-u-s-to-restore-the-tamils-sovereignty-to-remove-chinese-threat

Tamils for Biden wrote a letter to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin, requesting that he persuade PM Modi to cooperate with the U.S. to restore the Tamils’ sovereignty and remove the Chinese presence from the island.

Here is the copy of the letter:

Re: Tamils’ sovereignty in north-east Sri Lanka will protect from possible Chinese threat.

December 28, 2021

The Chief Minister MK Stalin
Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Residence
25/9, Chittaranjan Road
Cenotaph Road,
Chennai – 600018, Tamil Nadu, India

Dear Honorable CM MK Stalin,

As the only Elected Tamil Leader in the world, Mr. Stalin should ask Modi to use his authority to help stop Chinese colonization in north-east Sri Lanka, the Tamil Homeland.

Tamils in Sri Lanka are depending on Tamil Nadu’s leadership to guide and assist the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka. The Tamils in Tamil Nadu previously have aided Tamils in Sri Lanka many times when there was need.

The Chinese have been making deep inroads in Sri Lanka, as they recently acquired a reclaimed port city near Colombo. Prior to that, they gained control over the Hambantota port. Now the Chinese have embedded themselves on three islands which are located between India and Jaffna, threatening to take over Point Pedro in Jaffna.

The Chinese are not far from Tamil Nadu—a mere 46 Kilometers away in Neduntheevu (Delft Island).

The Chinese in Jaffna will bring imminent harm, danger, and pain to Tamil Nadu and to southern India as a whole. This will affect the economy and daily peaceful life. It is a very real economic, political, and psychological threat.

The Chinese government is ruthless and dictatorial. At this time it would be better to push the Chinese outside the Tamil homeland into the Sinhalese area.

By forcing the Chinese away from the north-east, the region can serve as a buffer between India and Singhalease-Chinese Sri Lanka. This way India can protect its mainland directly.

To accomplish this, India should encourage the United States to recognize the sovereignty of the Tamils who live in the north-east.

With India’s recognition of the Tamil Homeland, the Sinhalese would no longer need to fear a return to the year of 1619 and the kind of invasion and colonization overseen by the Portuguese.

According to Sinhalese mythology in the Maha Vamsam, Sinhala ancestors were fathered by lions. The same mythology told the Sinhalese that Sri Lanka belonged to Sinhalese Buddhists, even though their so-called ancestors came to the island when Tamils were the original inhabitants. Tamils did not harm the new immigrants but instead welcomed them.

As proof that the Tamils were there before so-called prince Vijan came to the island, there is historical evidence that a pair of Tamil kings rose to power at Anuradhapura in 177 BCE and ruled for over two decades, followed not long after by another king, Elara, whose reign lasted forty-four years (Chandrakumar, The History of Tamils in Ealam and the Jaffna Kingdom).

The Maha Vamsam—in other words, dubious mythology rather than actual history—is the basis for the Sinhalese resistance to Tamil sovereignty.

The Chinese invasion into Tamil territories in Sri Lanka will eventually spread into Tami Nadu. The Chinese are the second largest economy in the world; they can buy anybody.

This incursion will destroy Tamil culture and history in Tamil Nadu. Chinese expansion has multiplied the Chinese population like mushrooms throughout Asia and the rest of the world. It will be difficult to dislodge them once they are embedded.

Therefore, we ask CM Stalin to go to New Delhi to explain the danger that India may face if India fails to work with the U.S. to secure the sovereignty of the Tamils. Only this will bring about the end of the Chinese drama in Sri Lanka.

We also would like CM Stalin to explain that Tamil Eelam and Tamil Nadu will not negatively affect Indian political stability or its sovereignty. Tamil Eelam will never interfere with Indian politics; we will be loyal to India if they work with the U.S. for the sake of Tamil sovereignty.

In his discussions with PM Modi, CM Stalin should cite the case of Kosovo. After Kosovo gained independence from Serbia, Albanians in Kosovo and Albanians in Albania never threatened any countries around them and furthermore never tried to make a larger Albanian state by joining with Albania. Tamils in Sri Lanka will follow this example.

We hope that CM Stalin will lead the role to protect India from Chinese invasion by recognizing the Tamil Eelam.

Thank you.

Tamils for Biden

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