Congratulation Mr. President Elect Biden : Tamils for Biden

November 07, 2020

Mr. President Elect Biden:

We write this letter to congratulate you on your great victory.
It is your diversity, decency, strength, honesty, patriotism, and your courage that enabled you to defeat the incumbent president. This had happened only three times in our nation’s history. You made it happen a fourth time.

We want to applaud you and Kamala Harris for your victory in the 2020 election.

Most of the Tamils in Sri Lanka are overjoyed to see you as the next president.

Tamils think that your 47 years of experience in foreign policy will make you an outstanding president and you will take a dedicated stand against oppressors worldwide—and help the victims of genocide in Sri Lanka to live in a safe and secured homeland.

We still remember that you as a Senator in 1992, as the Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, offered a solution that compelled President Clinton to resolve the crisis in Bosnia and then in Kosovo. We also remember well your suggested solution for ending the Gulf War in Iraq that proposed autonomous regions for the Kurdish, Sunni, and Shia populations.

Tamils hope that you will do the same thing for Tamils in Sri Lanka and help bring about a self-governing Tamil region in the north-east of Sri Lanka that will be safe and secured.

We want to wish the utmost success in your presidency. We know that the victims of oppression, like the Tamils and others, will benefit from your moral leadership and political wisdom.

Thank you,
Tamils for Biden