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Happy New Year Mr. President-Elect Joe Biden

Dear Mr. President-Elect Joe Biden,

We the Tamils for Biden wish a wonderfully successful and healthy 2021 to you, your family, your cabinet members, and for the United States—our beloved country that gave us refuge.

As soon as you take office, you will be facing two major problems both now and in the coming years. One is the Covid-19 epidemic and the second is Chinese aggression throughout the world, particularly in developing nations.

We hope your coming administration will take full advantage of medical students and other medical professionals to speedily administer the Covid vaccine throughout the US.

Vaccination is very important to ushering in a return to normalcy. Undertaking this process quickly but safely will help eliminate the financial, emotional, and social problems we have all faced.

To address the second problem, you should start with Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka never invited Chinese to intervene during the long Civil War war between Tamils and Sinhalese and it remained free from any Chinese presence. However, once Sri Lanka put down the Tamil uprising in 2009 and began instituting unwise policies, this allowed for Chinese incursions. For example, China completely took over control of the Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka in the wake of this. China’s economic and military imperialism will bring chaos in the Malacca Sea lane in the Indian Ocean, an important shipping channel that directly impacts Sri Lanka. Chinese aggression represents a war-type mode for Southeast Asian countries and threatens the security of the entire region.

Sri Lanka needs to once again be free from Chinese interference in local matters, as was the case prior to 2009. It would be tremendously beneficial for the U.S. and India to promote the Tamil independence movement, as this would discourage China’s presence in Sri Lanka and put a check on its moves in the region. It is more important than ever that Tamils to have self-governing authority within the ancient Tamil homeland.

In this new year, we trust that you will have the strength and wisdom to guide us through these internal and external problems. The Tamils know you to be man of true conviction with a profound commitment to justice and freedom.

Again, Happy New Year Mr. President and Mrs. Biden.

Tamils for Biden

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