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Drones Help Ukraine Prevent Genocide and Mass Killings by Russia, According to Tamils for Biden.

The Drones’ power teaches oppressive rulers and governments about the importance of respecting human rights and allowing genocide victims to self-govern.

Drones help Ukraine prevent genocide and mass killings by Russia, according to Tamils for Biden.

Russia is a formidable military power, second only to the US in the world. Their military force is the fifth largest among nations, with 1.15 million active personnel and a reserve of at least two million. Beyond that, Russia is in possession of an impressive arsenal of 5,977 nuclear weapons, with approximately 1,600 strategically deployed warheads.

But despite its military power, Russia has failed thus far to defeat Ukraine. It erroneously believed that capturing the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, would be a quick and easy task. However, this turned out to be far from the truth.

At the start of the war, Ukrainian forces employed armed military drones like the TB2 to engage a Russian convoy en route to Kyiv. It is also possible that a TB2 drone was utilized to divert the defenses of the Russian flagship Moskva in the Black Sea, allowing naval missiles to strike and ultimately sink it.

This impressive run was executed by drones, which have emerged as formidable and cost-effective weapons for Ukraine. Due to their low altitude flying capabilities, it is difficult to shoot down or detect these drones on radar.

Moreover, drones are available at affordable prices. Consumer drones for beginning users are available from $30 to $150. If one is interested in capturing aerial photos and videos, camera drones would be more suitable and their prices can vary between $400 and $1000.

Equipped with a 3D-printed grenade-drop mechanism, the Mavic 3 Pro, a Chinese-made drone, has become a crucial asset for Ukraine’s armed forces. This cutting-edge technology allows them to strategically drop explosives on the Russian army, a tactic that has been widely embraced by Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in February of 2022.

Ever since the Russian invasion began, both armies have been deploying hundreds of drones on a daily basis. Reports suggest that the Ukrainians are losing approximately 10,000 drones each month in the battlefield but causing significant damage to Russia in the process.

Training the remote pilots of drones can be completed in just one week. The process is relatively easy, but it requires learning to fly in challenging conditions and gaining knowledge about frequencies and the tactics utilized by adversaries.

Around 30 companies in Ukraine are currently engaged in mass production of these drones, with the aim of acquiring up to 200,000 units by year-end.

Ukrainian kamikaze drones have successfully destroyed Russian tanks near Bakhmut.

These drones in Ukraine are being operated by college students who use their iPhones. What makes this impressive is that these students are not just using the iPhones to operate the drones, but they are also dynamically developing new apps to meet their specific needs.

The Ukrainian drones have initiated attacks on Russian territory, including raids on Moscow. This bold move is expected to force the Russians to remove Putin from power, and subsequently the new government will seek peace with Ukraine by returning all the captured land.

The drones have become the saviors of Ukraine, preventing a potential genocide by Russia.

This should serve as a lesson to all oppressive rulers and governments, emphasizing the importance of respecting human rights and ensuring that victims of genocide can govern themselves.

It also serves as a clear warning to countries that commit engage in atrocities such as ethnic cleansing, including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, as well as certain countries in Africa and Central America. Drones are a viable and effective defense weapon for oppressed populations worldwide. Ukraine is showing their value in the fight for human rights and international justice.

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