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Tamils for Biden: IMF urged to condition Sri Lanka Loan with Social Safety Nets for the Tamils

PR Link: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/569051118/tamils-for-biden-imf-urged-to-condition-sri-lanka-loan-with-social-safety-nets-for-the-tamils

Tamils for Biden
April 18, 2022, 18:54 GMT

According to IMF (International Monetary Fund) conditionality, the Social Safety Net is one of the IMF’s Structural benchmarks (SBs). These are reform measures that often are non-quantifiable but are critical for achieving program goals and are intended as markers to assess program implementation.

Tamils for Biden urge the IMF to make sure that the Tamils are able to exercise their own rights within the island of Sri Lanka.

If the IMF supports the UN-sponsored referendum that will provide a future Social Safety Net for the Tamils.

The IMF, when considering the proposed loan to Sri Lanka, should take into account that current president Gotabaya Rajapaksa and current prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa are war criminals who engineered the genocide that killed more than 146,000 Tamil civilians.

Tamils in the north-east of the island continue to suffer from Sinhalese oppression and aggression.

U.S. Tamils want to remind the IMF of what the Tamil people have endured in Sri Lanka:

  1. The Tamil economy was seized by the Sri Lankan army in the north-east.
  2. The Sri Lankan Anti-Terrorism Law threatens the local Tamils as well as the diaspora Tamils who would otherwise participate in short and long term investment.
  3. The Tamils’ home and agricultural lands were taken by the Sri Lankan military, preventing economic development in the north-east.
  4. Sri Lanka used government funds to install Sinhalese Buddhist symbols in the north-east and replace most of the Hindu temples.
  5. The Sri Lankan government, through their Department of Wildlife Conservation, the Mahaweli Water Security Investment Program, and Department of Archaeology, have devoted tremendous financial resources to force Tamils from their land and settle Sinhalese.
  6. Many Tamil youths are forced into sex slavery in Sri Lankan military camps in the north-east.
  7. The Tamils have been required to invite the Military and Police to any events including birthdays, weddings, young women’s coming of age celebrations and more.
  8. Abduction, rape, drugs and crime continue to happen due to the Sri Lankan military presence.
  9. Sri Lankan plain-clothed intelligence agents are entrenched throughout the north-east and terrorizing the whole population.

The Tamils are undergoing terrible pain, distress and hardship.

Since Sri Lanka is desperate for financial assistance from the IMF, the IMF can dictate terms to fulfill the Tamils’ needs and help bring about an end to these human rights abuses.

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Thank you,
Tamils for Biden

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