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Tamils to Chinese: North-East Sri Lanka, the Tamil Homeland, is not for Sale

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Tamils to Chinese: North-East Sri Lanka, the Tamil Homeland, is not for Sale

The following letter was sent to the Chinese President Xi Jinping and foreign minister Wang Yi.

January 11, 2022.

Re: North-East Sri Lanka, the Tamil Homeland, is not for Sale

Dear Mr. President and Foreign Minister of the Republic of China:

We Tamils are writing this letter to inform you that no land in the Tamil area is for sale.

By Indo-Lanka accord, Sri Lanka, international bodies, and the United Nations all agreed that the north-east of the island is the Tamils’ homeland. The accord recognizes that land power in the north-east of Sri Lanka belongs to the native of people of the region, the Tamils.

This was accepted by the UN three decades ago.

Therefore, if Sri Lanka tries to sell any lands in the north-east, this is an illegitimate action and no one should buy these territories. It is illegal.

If the Chinese spend $5.5 billion on Tamils’ land, the Chinese will lose their money as well and any so-called “ownership” of the Tamils Land.

Because of the war and continuing genocide of the Tamils by Sinhalese, international awareness of the Tamil plight is increasing and a resolution for an independent and sovereign Tamil nation will be reached soon.

China taking lands from the Tamil homeland will make the Tamils unhappy with the Chinese. Apart from violating the UN accord, these aggressive moves are uncivilized and will not be honored without Tamil approval.

Tamils were already angered with the Chinese for supplying weapons to Sinhalese in 2009 to help Sri Lanka’s genocidal war against Tamils. This war resulted in the killing of over 246,000 Tamils.

We hope that the Chinese do not intend to contribute further to the suffering of the Tamils or the abuses and injustices we have faced.

The Tamils are tired of living with Sinhalese under a unitary state and we seek a return to sovereignty. The United States and other economically powerful countries are seriously considering supporting the Tamil separation from the Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.

Therefore, the Chinese purchasing any lands in the Tamil Homeland is not only politically illegitimate but also not a smart investment; this will prove to be wasted money when those lands are returned to the Tamils.

The Chinese can seek to prevent any political resolution for the Tamils at the UN, but China should remember that Kosovo’s separation was not sponsored by the UN, but rather by the U.S. and NATO, and standing in the way of Tamil independence will increase tensions with the Western world.

We believe that the United States government thinks that Tamil separation is good for the region as well as beneficial for the U.S. and India. The U.S. will recognize the Tamil Eelam soon.
We therefore ask the Chinese government to abandon its interest in the Tamil Homeland and allow the land to be returned to its rightful owners.

Thank you.

Tamils for Biden

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