Tamils were the original inhabitants of ancient Ceylon.

Tamils were the original inhabitants and majority of ancient Ceylon
According to the Mahavamsa, Prince Gemunu’s mother’s asked about his foetal sleeping posture, and his reply identifies the problem as one of territory and Lebensraum. He said,“Over there beyond the Ganga (river) are the Damilas (Tamils), here on this side is the Gotha-ocean, how can I lie with outstretched limbs?”

The river that Sinhala Prince Gemunu referred to is the Menik Ganga. He told his mother that the people on the other side of the river were all Tamils, while those on this side of the river were all  Sinhalese. Approximately 20-30% of the land was inhabited by Prince Gemunu and his Sinhalese people. Almost 70-80% of the land belonged to Tamils in ancient Ceylon. This shows that the Tamils were once the majority of the population on the island of Ceylon.

Because of the Sinhalese genocidal attitude towards Tamil Hindus, they were able to kill many Tamils. If they didn’t kill them, they converted them to Sinhala/Mahavamsa-Buddhism.

The Mahavamsa says that 60,000 Tamils were killed by King Gamini (formerly known as Prince Gemunu) during the 6th century AD.

The Sinhalese say that they have the blood of the lion, however, this is another myth concocted to advance ethno-chauvinist cause. This is not exactly a very pleasant or even a Buddhistic metaphor to describe a community. Furthermore, the Sinhalese portray themselves as Aryans, and Aryans in southeast Asia are defined as an invaders that displaced the Dravidian and other aboriginal peoples.

Therefore, we want the international community to recognize that Tamils are a distinct population from the Sinhalese and are the original inhabitants of ancient Ceylon. The international community needs to recognize the northeast of Sri Lanka as the Tamil homeland and offer sovereignty to the Tamil nation of Tamil Eelam.