US Ambassador Julie Chung’s Proposal is Likely to Result in the Tamil Referendum: Tamils for Biden

The 13th Amendment does not provide an effective solution to address the aftermath of the 2009 genocide, which resulted in numerous deaths, widows, orphans, and ongoing human rights violations.

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Recently, the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Julie Chung, suggested to the Tamils that it would be wise to first accept the 13th Amendment and then after that proceed to discuss what the Tamils truly desire as their political solution.

Before agreeing with the US Ambassador her suggestion concerning the 13 Amendment, Tamils should ensure that the Ambassador also agrees with their own recommendation.

Tamils for Biden’s spokesman issued the following statement in response to the proposal:

Ambassador Julie Chung’s request has caused a stir within the Tamil community. We firmly believe that the 13th Amendment, which was not a viable solution in 1987, remains ineffective, especially when taking into account the devastating 2009 genocide and subsequent events. This genocide claimed the lives of 146,000 innocent Tamils, leaving behind 90,000 widows and 50,000 orphans. There is indisputable evidence of numerous additional offenses since, from murders to rapes and countless other human rights violations.

For the past 36 years, the 13A has lacked important features in its implementation.

One of the provinces that was supposed to be merged was the North-east, a merger that was dismissed by the Sri Lankan Supreme Court, often referred to as the Kangaroo Court.

Then the next most crucial aspect is the Tamil authority of the police and control over land. However, these have not been implemented for the past 36 years.

Tamils claim that the Ambassador’s plea to the Tamils could potentially buy Ranil Wikramasinghe more time to handle the IMF.

Tamils for Biden in turn propose the following:

  1. As Ambassador Julie Chung recommends, it is advisable to promptly proceed with the full implementation of the 13th Amendment. Following that, a referendum can be carried out by the end of December to ascertain the preferred political resolution for the Tamils.
  2. If the implementation of 13A is not carried out promptly, as desired, the United States should assist in facilitating a referendum by the end of December. This referendum should involve the Tamils in Sri Lanka, as well as those Tamils who were affected by the war and are presently residing in foreign countries.
  3. If Sri Lanka does not implement three key components of the 13th Amendment immediately, namely the merger of the north-east, police authority, and land power given to the north-east provincial council, the US should advocate for a Tamil referendum.

Tamils for Biden urge the ambassador to communicate the policy of the Sri Lankan US Embassy to all pertinent parties in Sri Lanka, the United States, the European Union, Japan, India, and Australia.