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Viability of a Tamil Nation “Tamil Eelam”

New country Tamil Eelam is viable

The following will support the Tamils’ argument for a separate state called “Tamil Eelam”.

1. The area of Tamil Eelam is 7,290 sq mi. There are 45 countries smaller than Tamil Eelam (northeast of Sri Lanka) in the world.

2. One million members of the Tamil diaspora have been forced to live outside of Sri Lanka by genocidal war. Most of these people will return to their homeland if they can find safety, security, and freedom.  They can bring more than one 100 billion dollars  to Tamil Eelam’s economy if they immigrate to their homeland.

3. Tamils are the good administrators and know how to manage a country, as they demonstrated to their British colonial rulers. The British were impressed by the Tamil’s management style and let them handle Ceylon’s administration during their rule. To improve the Tamils’ knowledge and talents, the British built many schools in Tamil areas to the northeast of Ceylon. It made Tamils some of the most highly intellectual people in southeast Asia.

4. Tamil Eelam will build high-quality hospitals by inviting thousands of Tamil doctors who are currently working in western countries. These hospitals can be specialized and become world-class treatment centers for various diseases. It will attract foreigners to come for health treatments, similar to what is currently happening in India and Singapore.

5. Tamil Eelam will acquire technological advantages by bringing Tamil scientists and engineers from their settled countries. We can revolutionize information technology and other engineering fields such as mechanical, chemical, electrical, and civil specialties. Building high-tech research centers will help to create new technological products that will compete with other nations. Our scientific advancement will bring more high-tech, skilled people to our newly-formed country.

6. We will build the best universities in different disciplines (medicine, engineering, business, etc.) by brining Tamil academics into the country. This will encourage foreign students from all over the world to come to study in Tamil Eelam. We will encourage the students to do research in medicine and technology.

7. Tamils can speak good English. This will help to set up calling centers for foreign companies.

8. With backgrounds in higher educational, Tamils can help the western world’s efforts to outsource software, manufacturing, medicine (especially radiology) and other fields.

9.  Diaspora Tamils will bring their various business trades that they have learned from their settled countries. This would help us to export various products, especially  food items, to neighboring southeastern countries.

10. Manufacturing cars and small planes will help our economy further.

11. We will make the minimum salary $12,000 per year. This will improve our lifestyle and economy.

12. We will welcome foreign workers to fill any shortage of labor to improve our economy.

13. We proclaim more land from sea, so that we can manage our population growth along with our economical growth.

14. About 360 miles of ocean water is surrounded by Tamil Eelam. This ocean is rich with fisheries. It will allow for a profitable coastal economy supported by fisheries and tourism.

Overall, Tamil Eelam will be wealthier than Singapore. Our Gross National Product (GNP) per capita will be $60,000 in ten years following our freedom from the Sri Lankan Sinhalese Buddhists regime.

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