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History behind the impracticality of any Political Solution.

For seven decades,Tamils have worked to find a political solution within united Sri Lanka. Since the nation gained independence from Britain in 1948, the Singhalese have refused to share any political power. Over the years, Tamils have asked for their political rights from Sri Lankan Sinhala politicians, and the Sinhalese have respond with pogroms in 1958, 1977, 1983, 2009. These killed many thousands of Tamils, made them refugees in foreign countries, and lost their business, lands and homes to the Sinhalese. They have carried out well-orchestrated genocide since the British left in 1948.

The reason Sri Lankan Sinhalese hate Tamils so much is written in their Chronicle called “Mahavamsa.”
“The Mahavamsa” equates the killing of the ‘other’ (Tamils) as being on par with the killing of “sinners and wild beasts.” and the King’s  sorrow and regret are assuaged.

This Sinhalese mythological script called the Mahavamsa was created by Ven. Mahanama to protect Sinhala-Buddhism in Sri Lanka in the 6th century AD.

At the time, Buddhism had begun to lose its popularity in India. The monks of the Mahavihara (Buddhist monastery), especially Mahanama, panicked, and they decided to make Sri Lanka a Buddhist country in order to protect Buddhism.

Thus, Mahanama created the Sinhala race, by bringing together those from various tribes and ethnic groups to create this a single race. They believe that Sinhala-Buddhists are Buddha’s chosen people. According to Mahanama, the race should  protect Buddhism for five thousand years.

The Mahavamsa regards the ‘other’ as anyone who is not a Sinhala-Buddhist; Hindus are seen as “invaders.” The text preaches not to trust the others who do not belong to Sri Lanka, and categorizes them as merely a guest of the benevolent Sinhala-Buddhists.

    • Sinhalese Buddhist children are taught at an early age that all Tamils, Muslims, Hindus, Christians (Sinhala Christians included), and others must be chased away from Mahavamsa-Buddhist Sri Lanka. This reflects ancient times, when King Dutugemunu killed 65,000 Tamils and chased away the remaining “others” to Tamil Nadu.
    • According to the Mahavamsa, the Sinhala race came about through a mythical union between a lion and a human princess. Perhaps that explains why Mahavamsa-Buddhists are so lethargic and bloodthirsty. It explains the existence of pogroms against Tamils engineered by the Sinhala government, as well as the 2009 mass killings of Tamils.
    • According to Sinhala/Mahavamsa-Buddhism, even a murderer, rapist, or child molester could circumvent their bad karma and be reborn in heaven. This can be done by offering courtesy alms and gifts to Buddhist monks. This shows that Sinhala war criminals will not be punished by the Sri Lankan state.
    • Through his Mahavamsa, Mahanama portrayed Sri Lanka as the ‘Dammadeepa,’ the chosen land of the Buddha, to protect and propagate his Dhamma. These were his teachings of the Buddha’s doctrine. Mahanama, not the Buddha, said that Buddhism will prevail for five-thousand years, and the Sinhalese alone must protect it.
    • Perhaps nowhere else in the world does this strange practice of Buddhism exist. It is neither a religion nor a philosophy. It is a unique culture passed off as Buddhism in Sri Lanka. This Mahavamsa Lies and Deceit and a Sinhala-Buddhist Political Guide.
    • Who and what distorted the Buddhist philosophy in Sri Lanka? The blame must be laid at the feet of Mahanama and his ‘book of Buddhist tales:’ the Mahavamsa. This text deals mostly, with mythical and supernatural tales of so-called Buddhist history, with some borrowed from the Mahabharata and Ramayana.

As long as the Sinhalese practice Mahavamsa-Buddhism, Tamils will not get political power in a government dominated by Sinhala/Mahavamsa-Buddhist ideology. Therefore, there should be a referendum asking Tamils to determine their own future free from the Sinhala/Mahavamsa-Buddhist genocidal regime.

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